Canadian Distributor for Liquido Active Wear

Yoga Classes

Located in Sarnia, Ontario at 109 Durand Street on the third floor.

Class Descriptions : 

Full Body Flow- Level 2/3-  Tuesday and Thursday

Find your inner strength and feel inspired from deep within! This is an energizing and vigorous class combining strengthening and vinyasa flow. It will get your heart rate up to challenge your endurance, build strength and flexibility and increase core strength. Strength training is one of the best and most effective ways to help tone and prevent muscle loss. While enhancing your body awareness and muscle endurance you’ll be able to enrich your yoga practice and perform every day tasks with greater ease. Be prepared to laugh and maybe sweat a little!

** Ideal class for students who practice yoga on a regular basis. Some yoga background, experience is highly recommended (i.e. Sun Salutations, foundation poses, etc.).

Slow Flow- Level 1/2- Friday.

Move through a sequence of postures at a slower, mindful pace. Stretch, relax and reconnect with your inner self of well being.

Class Schedule 2018 : 

Jan. 30 - Tuesday
Feb. 1 - Thursday
Feb. 2 - Friday
Feb. 6 - Tuesday
Feb. 8 - Thursday
Feb. 9- Friday
Feb. 13 - Tuesday
Feb. 15 - Thursday
Feb. 16 - Friday
Feb. 20 - Tuesday
Feb. 22 - Thursday
March 13 - Tuesday
March 15 - Thursday
March 16 - Friday
March 20 - Tuesday
March 27 - Tuesday
March 29 - Thursday

** Please note that more class dates will be added to the schedule mid- March. **

Please contact julie@liquidoactive for more information.